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Most Frequently Asked Questions About NFT Launchpad Mining

Most Frequently Asked Questions About NFT Launchpad Mining

The recent boom in the NFT marketplaces has awakened many people as non-fungible tokens became the new source to make a fortune. As the trend continues to surge, competent NFT experts are making interesting impacts by creating valuable digital assets that command huge sales and profits. 

As the NFT community grows, more people are putting their skills on the line to create more upcoming nft project on various NFT launchpads. Have you ever heard the word ‘mint’ before? Now you can understand better. 

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NFT launchpads offer you numerous opportunities to make money in whatever capacity you want. Depending on your financial strengths and goals, you may participate on the platform as a creator or inventor. To create on NFT launchpads, you need to learn more about mint.

What does it mean to mint on NFT launchpads?

In the NFT space, Minting means publishing your unique token on a blockchain to make it purchasable for interested investors. In simpler words, it lists a token you created for sale on the NFT launchpads where customers can see and buy it. 

Most Frequently Asked Questions About NFT Launchpad Mining

Here is a simple step-by-step for minting: you first create a digital wallet that can protectively store cryptocurrencies. Some of the most prominent wallets for Minting are MetaMask, Coinbase, and Rainbow. After that, you will have to purchase a little crypto to cover the charge of minting on the NFT launchpad. Lastly, you will link your wallet to a credible online marketplace such as OpenSea, Zora, and Raible.

It is possible you still don’t understand how NFT works even though the concept is fast rising. In that light, we have helped you compile a series of most frequently asked questions on NFT Minting, and we provide tailored answers from experts to clear your doubt. 

These FAQs are also here to give you helpful tips when troubleshooting during a live mint. You can refer to this article whenever you have issues when minting on an NFT launchpad. Without further ado, Let’s go into the questions and answers.

Most FAQs about Minting on NFT Launchpad 

Why can’t my wallet connect to mint on a launchpad?

There have been many issues about the wallet not connecting to mint on different NFT launchpads. So, you are not the only one experiencing hitches with your wallet. To solve that issue, you must clear every cache on your current browser to free some spaces. Then, try connecting your wallet again. If the problem continues, you may use another browser – preferably Google Chrome. Most minters across various launchpads use chrome or Brave.

Most Frequently Asked Questions About NFT Launchpad Mining

Why am I still unable to mint even as I’m on the whitelist?

This problem seldom occurs, but it is easy to solve. If you are on the whitelist and cannot mint, it is likely that your wallet address has not been added to the whitelist. Meanwhile, the address may be written on the initial list, and it didn’t make the final list. Some NFT launchpads require collections to tender the final whitelist about two days before the launch. If you can find your wallet address in the final whitelist, kindly contact the platform’s helpline.

Why is my transaction not going through after I have clicked on the ‘mint’ button?

Yes, you may be frustrated seeing ‘transaction failed’ consistently as you try to launch. When that happens, it is primarily a result of network congestion. NFT launchpads are global platforms. By implication, you should expect that a lot of people are also mining when you are trying to do the same, which could cause network failure. 

The only remedy to this issue is to wait a bit and try to click the ‘mint’ button again to resubmit the transaction or start another one. Here is another trick: try to open multiple browser tabs and shuffle between them at intervals. It may increase your chances.

I can’t mint an NFT; why?

 As said earlier, many people might be trying to mint at the same time as you, and there is a limited supply of the token collection. As multiple transactions are going on simultaneously, some are expected to fail while others go through. So, if yours fails, don’t be frustrated. Know that many other minters are facing the same problem as yours. This issue always happens when you mint a popular collection—a little advice: You may deliberately choose a less popular collection to have a smoother flow.

What can I do to increase the chance to mint more successfully?

Of course, you can improve your chances of minting more efficiently with a few tricks. Ultimately, you make sure you get a fast and stable internet connection. Then, you may choose a PC over a smartphone in the process. Although, several resourceful smartphones can help you mint without stress. Yet, computers have proven to be faster on different occasions. 

Most Frequently Asked Questions About NFT Launchpad Mining

Why can’t I mint even with the right amount of SOL?

Due to Solana’s transaction fees, you may have to get more SOL than the estimated price of the mint. Meanwhile, you don’t have to spend more than necessary. You only need around 0.02 SOL to make things perfect. So, if you cant mint on NFT launchpads, check your balance.

When will my NFT project get listed on the platform for sale?

For most NFT launchpads, your mint gets listed for sale after completing the Minting. If there is any delay afterward, you may check the network and refresh the page to see updates about new listings. That is more reason to ensure you work with a fast and reliable internet connection. 

In Conclusion

The above questions and Answers cover everything you need to know about minting on NFT launchpads. If you follow the simple instructions in the answers sections above, you will mint like a pro even if you are a first-timer. 

Most Frequently Asked Questions on BNB Crypto Launchpad Subscription

Crypto launchpads are the platform where creators and investors meet to have a smooth, profitable transaction. On this platform, creators can showcase their ideas and concepts to a large audience of investors who decides to finance the project before it is even minted. 

Crypto launchpads make the creation and sales of new crypto project easier, quicker, and better. As a newcomer, the platform has been designed to help you get the necessary help without stress. Crypto Launchpad makes it easier to invest and trade on crypto projects. You can benefit from several opportunities if you are on the right platform. Click here for how nft launchpad games project work.

The platform has contributed immensely to the crypto space’s growth and development, building a solid community for cordial interactions. Meanwhile, some of the crypto launchpads available require that you subscribe to the platform. 

As a participant, you may have to pay a token to join some of the top crypto launchpads. Binance is one of the crypto-based platforms that require users to subscribe to become active in the space. If you want to participate in the BNB crypto launchpad, this article is written to show you the road map. 

Most Frequently Asked Questions on BNB Crypto Launchpad Subscription

Recently, people have been asking serious questions about whether they can subscribe to the BNB crypto launchpad. We guess you also have some critical questions, and that’s why we have dedicated a whole article to every question in your mind. 

Here are the most frequent questions people ask about the platform and direct answers to give you a headlight. 

Most FAQs about the BNB Crypto launchpad

How can I participate in the BNB launchpad?

It’s simple. You only have to sign up and create a wallet on the platform. When filling out the signup form, you are advised to provide accurate information to make your verification easy. Binance always conducts a simple verification exercise for every participant. If you miss out at that stage, you might not get to participate after all.

How does the new BNB crypto launchpad format work?

The BNB crypto launchpad now runs in a new format which might be strange to you as a newcomer in the space. Here is the breakdown of the format n steps. 

Step 1: Calculate your limit

Your participation limit is solely determined by the average BNB balance in your wallet over a specific period of days. In this period, you are not expected to stake or perform any other task with your BNB until your participation eligibility is settled. As a new user, you may have to contact customer support if the process takes longer than necessary.

Step 2: Commit BNB

Once the platform has confirmed your participation limit, you are eligible to lock some amount of BNB to your confirmed participation limit to get some tokens from the BNB crypto launchpad. Note that there is no limit to the amount you can lock up to your participation limit. 

Step 3: Calculation 

Once you have waited for your BNB commitment period to be over, the platform will calculate every user’s token allocation. This process may take up to an hour or more, depending on the speed of your device. 

Most Frequently Asked Questions on BNB Crypto Launchpad Subscription

Step 4: the platform deducts BNB for the launchpad’s token 

After your final allocation might have been determined, the platform will remove a portion of your locked BNB for launchpad tokens. The platform will then automatically transfer your launchpad token and BNB to your spot wallet. 

Will the BNB vault count when calculating my participation limit?

Yes! The average BNB calculation tallies with the launchpad lottery format. All users are permitted to keep their BNB in the BNB vault; the same amount will still count for your participation limit. You can ask customer support if you need the list of all accounts that record all BNB balances.

Why do I have to commit to my BNB?

You only need to commit your BNB during the platform’s subscription period after the average BNB has been calculated. Please report to the customer support team if there is an issue with the dates, time, or period. 

What is the meaning of the ‘hard cap per user’?

The hard cap is the maximum amount of BNB crypto launchpad token allocation you can receive as a user. Mind you, don’t mistake it for the maximum amount of BNB you can commit on the platform.

Can my BNB be locked during the average BNB calculation phase?

The answer is no. your BNB cannot be locked during the daily calculation phase. Mostly, it can be in any of the accounts accepted on the platform. But, whatever the case, your NBN is not locked during the calculation period. 

Most Frequently Asked Questions on BNB Crypto Launchpad Subscription

Where is the committed BNB locked in the subscription period?

For the records, your committed BNB will be locked in a different crypto launchpad wallet when the subscription period is on, but you have control over it. You can lock your BNB any time you want during the subscription period. You can even do that within the last thirty minutes. In case you can’t get access to your BNB after you have committed it, don’t panic. It is the proper process. 

Can I commit my BNB even if it’s in the BNB vault?

Of course, you may need to keep your BNB in the vault to count for your participation limit; you should redeem your BNB from the vault to your spot wallet. But, you must do that during the subscription time to commit BNB.

What is the minimum amount of BNB I can commit?

You can commit an amount as low as 0.1 BNB. Although, it is better to push it higher to stand a better chance of gaining more. 


BNB platform is one of the most active crypto launchpads for experienced users. Using the platform might require you to learn some tips from existing users. However, Binance is among the most respected crypto=based platform with numerous profit-making opportunities. You can check the help and support page on its official website or app for more details about how it works and what it requires to participate on the platform.

How To Choose The Best Play To Earn Games For Maximum Profits

How To Choose The Best Play To Earn Games For Maximum Profits

Video games are no more something that wastes people’s productive time. In fact, it has become a venture in which most people are aspiring to invest most of their time and efforts. However, rewind to some decades ago, parents would warn their children to shun video games and focus on other things that can add value and bring money to their pocket. 

Fast forward to these present times, parents are now buying smartphones and internet connections for their children to support them in their game play9ing ambition. What changed that mindset? The advent of best play to earn games

P2E games are becoming popular worldwide for their unique generosity as they make people become more financially secure and relieved of the stress of the daily hustle and bustle. Are you still thinking making money while playing video games is a fluke? Do your research.

It’s no more news that young and old people, regardless of gender, are investing their time and money in play to earn games. That’s due to the incredible moneymaking opportunities in the NFT gaming world.

No doubt, gaming is no longer a passive hobby. It is now a multibillion-dollar industry that has changed people’s stories for the better. Accenture valued the play-to-earn gaming market to be over $300 billion. That huge dramatic success was driven by new gamers rushing into the community in search of fortune making opportunities and social interaction.   

As the blockchain rises, the P2E industry has changed incredibly. Unlike the tradition that only game developers and distributors make money while players just catch fun, players are now earning a considerable amount of money every week. Players can make money in Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) or crypto playing with their smartphones or computer to play games. The trend is now circulating in every part of the globe with different attractive success stories about the games. 

What are play to earn games?

Having said much about the concept, let’s understand what they mean and how they work. Play-to-earn (P2E) games are online video games that allow players to complete some tasks, compete in a battle arena, use monsters or characters to play some roles and earn in-game rewards in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) or Cryptocurrencies.

Players can access these games on different gadgets such as computers, smartphones, and more, with a stable internet connection. Some of these games allow players to use objects like wearable properties or weapons in-game. Meanwhile, these in-game objects are not given automatically. Instead, they are earned as rewards for winning a challenge, completing a task, or purchasing with real-life money. 

In some play to earn games, players get the opportunity to customize their characters with better equipment or train their monsters for better performance in the battle arena. However, players cannot sell the equipment or properties to any player for cash.

How To Choose The Best Play To Earn Games For Maximum Profits

That is how many best play to earn games operate. Game designers can also leverage the immutability of blockchain technology to create unique in-game rewards and transferrable items. Players can get rewards ranging from earning digital currencies to collecting Non-fungible tokens. Players can then export their coins into their respective crypto wallets to convert them to fiat money such as dollars. Meanwhile, players can sell their NFTs to other players through in-house trading platforms or trade on secondary marketplaces. 

For instance, Axie Infinity, the leading play-to-earn game, allow players to breed, purchase and battle with cute little creatures called Axies. These Axies are minted on the Ethereum blockchain. Because each Axie represents an NFT which players can buy or sell peer-to-peer with cryptocurrency. 

How to Choose the Best Play-To-Earn Game for You 

First, you have to understand how most available best play to earn games work. That means you may need to research the top P2E games in the present market. That can be a daunting task as over a hundred play to earn games are flooding the market. You can simply research the top ten on the latest rankings to save you that stress.

Some things that can help you make an informed decision are finding out how the game pays out rewards to players, how easy it is to convert your in-game tokens to other crypto and what you can gain from playing the game. You should also research how much you will have to invest before you can start playing. Make sure you critically check those areas before you take the plunge to create an account. 

How To Choose The Best Play To Earn Games For Maximum Profits

What’s your goal?

It is also essential to determine your goal before you start playing the game. Are you playing the for the coins, NFTs or both? Each P2E game out there has its unique rewards in different forms. While some pay in NFTs alone, others pay in cryptocurrencies. Best of all, very few pay in a combination of the two. In some cases, players can earn prestigious currencies as rewards in the game. Some best play to earn games can offer you bitcoin or Ethereum, which you can trade if the value rises anytime. 

It is also essential that understand how you can play the game and earn rewards. Most importantly, how long it takes to make each point. More so, you need difficulty with the tasks of each game. Some games require players to complete simple tasks and get rewards, while others put you at the cross of more significant tasks o get tokens.

How much do you need to get started?

In most cases, play to earn games are not always free to start. You will have to make an investment to purchase a starter pack when getting started. Players are required to buy these starter packs with cryptocurrency. The cost of the starter pack varies from one game to another. However, the highest paying games require a more increased initial investment. 

In contrast, few play to earn games require no purchase of a starter pack to get started. But you will need o pa o to unlock some premium features which allow more profits.    


Play to earn games are coming out in hundreds due to the influx of interested participants from different parts of the world. As a result, it can be somewhat challenging to choose the best one that can allow you to earn more money. You need this guide to make the right choice out of the pool of numerous options.